Exciting Seminar in Knysna on Sustainable Drainage Systems



As part of our vision for a town that works with and functions like nature, we are excited to announce that we will be hosting a Water Sensitive Design (WSD) and Sustainable Drainage Systems SuDS) Seminar on the 2nd of December 2016 here in Knysna.  Presented by Drs Kevin Winter and Kirsty Carden from UCT’s Urban Water Management and Future Water’s Institute together with visiting SuDS expert, Prof Sue Charlesworth from Coventry University, the seminar will include illustrations and practical ways of implementing SuDS. Aimed at establishing a vision and practice for water sensitive designs and to stimulate new ideas and innovations in the Knysna context, the seminar also includes a practical site visit in the afternoon presenting a challenge needing WSD principles applied to it. The seminar will appeal to engineers, urban designers and planners, architects and environmental consultants, landscape architects, municipal officials and the general public alike.   A bonus is that it is CPD-accredited with ECSA!

Join us for an exciting day of learning and brainstorming together and finding new ways to design our future by learning from and working with nature.

Bookings essential – registration closes 25th November 2016. Contact Sue via sue@biowise.org.za for more information and to register