Activate is all about how businesses, individuals and the community at large can get involved, get active and be part of the change….be part of  The BioWise [r]evolution.  The following is on offer:

  • The BioWise Blueprint and Journey
    • The opportunity to sign up to the bio-wise principles and begin your journey of evolving into a business, or a school, a household or an industry that functions as resiliently, waste-free and effectively as nature  Read more here …
  • Bio-Wise Projects
    • Mutually beneficial partnerships are crucial in natural systems and underpin how we operate.  In partnership with a number of different businesses and organisations, we will be implementing projects that put the ‘bio-wise’ principles into action and will help ignite the change we want to bring about. Read more here ….
  • Networking & Volunteering
    • the opportunity to link up with biomimicry networks around the world as well as the opportunity to volunteer your time and assist in implementing many of our ideas, assisting with our educational efforts, helping with marketing and PR and fund-raising.