BioQuest Knysna

Imagine a town that functions indistinguishably from its surrounding ecosystems. A town that is as RESOURCEFUL, RESILIENT, RESPONSIVE, REGENERATIVE AND WASTELESS as a forest. A town…
* that learns to ‘cycle all nutrients’,
* that is able to meet its own needs while meeting the needs of the broader system it is part of
* that has a service-based economy,
* that operates in a localised, decentralised and distributed basis,
* that is a fully integrated, inter-dependent, inter-connected and collaborative system and
* where the economy is essentially based on the activities of hundreds of small and micro enterprises… just as a forest’s economy is underpinned by the activities of millions of microscopic organisms that ensure the system is never depleted of the nutrients the system needs to survive

This is our vision and Quest for Knysna – to evolve, over time, into a town that is at the forefront of ‘thrivability’, having moved way beyond ‘sustainability’ into the realm of regenerative living that is both earth-savvy (understands planetary systems and boundaries, respects and works within those limits and discovers limitless opportunity as a result) and bio-wise (understands and follows the blueprint for thriving on earth that all living organisms have been following for 3.8 billion years)

Ecosystem principles

So how do we begin this Quest?? Well, our first mission for BioQuest Knysna is…Mission Zero Waste