Early Projects

These school and community projects were ones we  initiated, in partnership, during our Research and Development (growing our soil) phase,  to show some of the principles in action.

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Swop shop name

Recycling Swop Shop – in partnership with EDGE OF AFRICA who run the recycling swop shop, this is an initiative where children from local communities collect and sort recyclables which they then exchange for basic needs items like toiletries, stationery and clothing.  This is an on-going project

2013-07-18 10 13 20 Women of Worth (WOW) Garden Project – in partnership with FAMSA who drive the WOW initiative, this project was a means of showing the power of collaboration.  Fourteen women got together and converted the run-down backyard of an elderly community member into a vegetable patch within 4 hours.  FAMSA’s WOW initiative continues.
hope spot river health River Health Project – in partnership with two local schools Riverwood & Oakhill Primary Schools, Knysna Municipality, Eden District Municipality and SANPark’s Working for Water initiative, an on-going holistic river health project is running whereby alien vegetation clearing, the making of Effective Micro-Organism mudballs, and regular testing of water quality is being conducted on two streams that connect the schools and flow into the Knysna estuary.  The basis of the project is teaching the importance of helping to restore our natural environment and learning through doing.