About BioWise

VISION | A world modelled on natural ecosystems and processes where all life thrives as part of a waste-free, inter-dependent, resourceful, resilient and regenerative system.

MISSION | To effect positive change by promoting and enabling the practice of biomimicry i.e. of learning from and emulating life’s genius.

PURPOSE | Our purpose is to inspire and enable the uptake of biomimicry by individuals and households, by professionals and academia, by businesses and industry, by organisations and schools, by towns and communities and by municipalities and government.

APPROACH | We believe in the value of partnerships and networking and this underpins our approach.


Integrity, passion, perseverance Integrity and authenticity in all that we do. Passion for making a difference and the drive and commitment to see it through
Respect for all life  Respect for all life and a belief in the intrinsic value of all living species.
Walk the talk Lead by example and strive to emulate nature in all our operations. Contribute to restoring the integrity of the Earth’s ecological systems.
Fostering interdependence  Promote partnerships, cooperative collaboration and rekindle the spirit of “ubuntu” that recognizes “I am, because you are”
Be a catalyst for change Inspire, enable and create opportunity for enviro-socio-economic change and nature-inspired enterprise development.
Continuous optimization  Keep a focus on always getting better, rather than getting bigger
Forging frontiers Be at the leading edge of technology, set benchmarks, set trends and strive for continuous innovation

Structure | BioWise Solutions (Company no 2004/010962/08) t/a BioWise is a Section 21 Company (Non Profit Company).  We are a registered Non-Profit Organisation (NPO No 037-721) and Public Benefit Organisation (No 930011635). We are a solutions-focused and opportunity-focused social enterprise with education for action as our primary function.

Board | We have a board of 5 directors made up of an Executive Director responsible for the managing of the company and our projects and 4 directors who play an oversight role, are responsible for providing strategic guidance regarding our vision and passionately support the undertakings to achieve our mission.



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BioWise Solutions

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