Projects: Knysna Kicks Butt Campaign

Knysna Kicks Butt Campaign

Our Butt bin campaign launched November 2017.

Not only aiming to rid our streets of cigarette butts Butt bin(and help prevent them from ending up in our estuary, but we’re also researching what could be done withthe butts. We don’t want to just clean up our streets for them just to be dumped in a landfill where they will pollute. So we’re doing research with Effective Micro-Organisms that can hopefully break down the harmful components and then the remaining benign absorbent material could be put to good use. So far 40 bins have been made and are being put up around Knysna and Sedgefield

Supported by the National Lotteries Commission




Butt bin partners

Butt bin campaign partners РBioWise, Knysna Municipality (Waste and Environmental Depts) and Ocean Odyssey